Administrative Team


Practice Manager

Mrs Anna Tippett

Anna is responsible for the day-to-day smooth running of the practice and the financial monitoring and organisation of health services. Any concerns, complaints or suggestions you may have should be addressed to the Practice Manager.


Miss Alison Foot

Alison is available to answer any queries you have in relation to referrals and you can contact her on 01792 650716.


We are delighted to have an excellent team of reception & clerical staff who work very hard to ensure the smooth running of the surgery – without them the surgery simply wouldn’t function. Our staff always endeavour to help patients as much as they feasibly can and to treat the practice’s patients with courtesy & respect. In return we respectfully ask that patients treat our staff in a similar fashion.

Mrs Judith Bevan
Mrs Janet Wood
Mrs Nicola Margetts
Mrs Diana Cursio
Ms Lynsey Hughes
Mrs Alison Davies
Mrs Rebecca Hambly
Miss Carys Jones
Mrs Lisa Cruttenden
Mrs Karen Devanney

Prescribing Clerks

Mrs Diana Cursio
Mrs Holly Bater

Diana & Holly are available to answer any queries you have in relation to prescriptions. You can contact them on 01792 650716 option 1.

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