Dr Cathryn Bevan

MBBCh (Wales 1991) MRCGP DFSRH

Dr Bevan grew up in Swansea and trained as a doctor in Cardiff. She joined the practice in 1996. Dr Bevan has an interest in female health issues and genito-urinary medicine. She is also a GP trainer.

Dr Martin Sullivan

BM (Soton 1994) DRCOG FRCGP MSc.Med.Ed

After training in Southampton, Dr Sullivan returned to his home town of Swansea and joined the practice in 1999. Dr Sullivan has an interest in cardiovascular disease. Dr Sullivan also helped establish the Swansea Out of Hours Service, of which he is a former Director. He is interested in training new GPs and has completed a Masters Degree in Medical Education; He is presently an Associate Dean for Postgraduate GP Education. His hobbies include golf and following the Swans.

Dr Richard Thomas

MA (Hons 1991) MBBChir MRCP MRCGP

Dr Thomas grew up in Swansea before moving to Cambridge to train as a doctor. Since then he has worked in the Midlands, New Zealand and Southampton before returning to Swansea in 2000 to train as a GP. He joined the surgery in 2003. He is interested in rheumatology and will at times inject certain joints with steroids. He is also interested in recruiting patients into research trials in General Practice (since most trials are only carried out on hospital patients and do not tell us what works in the wider community).

Mae Dr Thomas wedi dysgu I siarad y Gymraeg ac yn eitha rugl. Mae’I blant yn mynd I ysgolion Cymraeg.

Dr Charlotte Green


Dr Green trained in Cardiff Medical School in 2001. Dr Green joined the practice in 2010 and has an interest in female health and implanon insertion. Dr Green is out lead GP in Child Protection in the practice.

Dr Sara Perman

MBBCh (Cardiff 2009) MRCGP DFSRH

Dr Perman trained in Cardiff Medical School. She completed her GP training here at the Kingsway Surgery in 2014 and returned as a salaried GP in 2015.  Dr Perman has now been a Partner at the Practice since August 2017.  She has an interest in contraception and fits coils and implants. Dr Perman is also the prescribing lead in the practice

Dr Rebecca Jenkinson

MA (Hons 2003) MBBChir (2008) MRCGP DRCOG DFSRH PGDip.Med.Ed

Dr Jenkinson grew up in Swansea before moving to Cambridge to study medicine. She then worked as a junior doctor in London before moving back to Swansea to train as a GP. Dr Jenkinson completed her training at the Kingsway Surgery and has worked here as a fully qualified GP since August 2015.  Dr Jenkinson has now been a Partner at the Practice since August 2017. She has an interest in Medical Education and helps with medical student teaching. She also fits implants and coils and will do certain joint injections.

Dr Sebastian Tindall

MBBCh (Swansea/Cardiff 2012) MRCGP

Dr Tindall has recently completed his GP training at the Kingsway and is staying on as a salaried doctor. Having fallen in love with Swansea as a Sports Science undergraduate after growing up in London, Dr Tindall describes himself as half-Jack now. Dr Tindall has an interest in minor surgery and health promotion. 

Dr David Howell

MBChB (Bristol 2011) BSc MRCGP

Dr Howell was born and raised in Swansea before completing his training at Bristol Medical School in 2011.  Since then he has worked in Lincoln, Nottingham and Western Australia before moving back to Swansea to complete his GP training.  He is currently a salaried GP at the practice and has an interest in joint injections and teaching.

Dr Michael Walters

MBBCh (Cardiff 2015) MRCGP

Dr Walters grew up in Devon and moved to Wales to study Medicine at Cardiff University in 2010. He has worked in South Wales since graduating in 2015 and completed his GP training here in the Kingsway Surgery in 2021. He now works as a salaried GP and loves living in Swansea. He considers himself half Welsh unless they are playing England in the Six Nations!

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