The practice provides a number of specialist clinics, many of which are run by our excellent nursing team. If you would like to know more about the clinics or feel it may be appropriate for you to be seen in one of them, please discuss this with one of our admin team at the surgery or contact us on 01792 650716 to arrange an appointment.

Antenatal Clinic

The clinic is run under the supervision of the community midwifery team for routine antenatal care on a Tuesday. If you are pregnant, please speak to us here at the surgery at a suitable time to allow us to book you in for the midwives. The midwives will subsequently contact you to discuss your antenatal care. You may also wish to see a doctor in the early stages of your pregnancy for advice regarding matters such as taking folic acid tablets, diet, smoking and lifestyle.

Asthma Clinic

The clinic is aimed for patients with a diagnosis of asthma. Patients are reviewed by the practice nurse annually to ensure their asthma is optimally controlled and they are prescribed the most appropriate inhaler treatment. The nurse is available by appointment only.

Baby Clinic

The health visitor and doctor are available in this clinic, which is for well babies only. The baby clinic is held every Wednesday of each month between 1.30pm-3.00pm by appointment only and aims to check baby’s progress, discussing feeding problems and examinations.

Baby clinic vaccinations are available every Thursday morning between 10.30am-12.00pm by appointment only.  The Health Visitor is currently running a vaccination catch-up programme on this morning for our under 5's between 9.00am-10.00am and parents will be contacted with an appointment to attend the surgery.


Please arrive promptly and remember to cancel your appointment if you no longer need to keep it; someone else may need to see the doctor urgently.  You can cancel you appointment by telephoning the surgery or responding to your text reminder for your GP appointment.  Repeated failures to attend your GP appointment may result in your removal from the practice list.

Cardiovascular Clinic

The clinic aims at patients with heart disease or risk factors leading to heart disease. We review patients annually to help reduce your risks and ensure that your condition is well controlled. You may be required to have blood tests taken (e.g; cholesterol, blood sugar, kidney function) prior to attending the clinic, which are important in managing your disease and achieving the best outcomes. The HCSW is available every morning.


If you would like to have a chaperone with you during your consultation, please tell us at the time of making your appointment.  A family member or friend may accompany you or, if you prefer, we will appoint a member of staff to act as a chaperone.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

The clinic is aimed at patients with COPD. Patients are reviewed annually to ensure their condition is well controlled and that they are using the most appropriate medication and inhalers. We are able to provide advice regarding COPD and regarding correct inhaler technique. Attendance at the clinic can help reduce the likelihood of exacerbations of COPD. The nurse is available by appointment only.

Contraception Clinic

The practice offers a range of family planning services. You can choose to discuss your contraception requirements with any of the female doctors at the surgery. The practice can provide the contraceptive implant – implanon, intrauterine devices/systems (the coil) including Mirena and depo contraceptive injections where appropriate. We are also able to provide advice to those thinking of starting a family, including prescribing folic acid (ideally 3 months before trying to conceive) and smoking cessation advice. For those who feel that their family is complete, we are happy to discuss male and female sterilisation options and arrange appropriate referrals where needed.

Diabetic Clinic

The clinic is aimed primarily at non-insulin-dependent diabetics. Through the clinic the nurses are able to monitor your diabetes, optimise your treatment and medication and provide advice to help improve your health. Good diabetic control can significantly reduce the risk of developing complications in the future. You will be asked to attend some routine blood tests prior to attending the clinic.

Exercise Therapy

The practice has a fully equipped gymnasium, which is run by our Exercise Therapist Gill Kelly. As well as carrying out cardiac and respiratory rehabilitation programs in conjunction with SBU Local Health Board, we are able to offer a range of exercise therapy programs to improve the health of many of our patients. These patients include those with diabetes, neurological conditions, cardiac conditions, high blood pressure, chronic respiratory illnesses, physical disability, obesity and chronic back pain. If you are interested in this clinic then please speak to a doctor at the practice.

Flu and Pneumococcal Clinic

Both clinics are held annually between September and January.

Gender Service

The Practice works alongside the Welsh Gender Service in supplying patients who are transitioning.  Services offered include initial assessment and referral, medication prescribing and monitoring, as well as advice on local services and support that is available.

Learning Disabilities Clinic

The clinic is for adults with learning disabilities who need support and who may otherwise have health conditions that go undetected. It is aimed for patients aged 18 and over who have been assessed as having moderate, severe or profound learning disabilities, or people with mild learning disability who have other complex health needs and are entitled to a free annual health check. 

Medical Examinations

Appointments are available for you to book at reception on receipt of the charge for the medical examination e.g. HGV, PSV, adoption/fostering, life insurance etc.  Payments for these can be made on the day by cash or bank card (contactless) before you have your examination completed by a GP.

Minor Ailments

A minor ailments clinic is held by our Practice Nurse Laura and an appointment can only be booked once your askmyGP request has been triaged by a GP.   Some of the conditions she can see are minor injuries, insect bites, boils, burns, cold & flu, cuts & bruises, wound infections, skin infections - abscesses (not dental), cough, diarrhoea & vomiting, ear pain &/or infection, conjunctivitis, styes, fungal infections of the nails/feet, mouth ulcers & cold sores, period problems, scalds & burns, shingles, sore throat, STI's, sunburn, threadworm, headlice, eczema, tonsillitis, urinary tract infections (females only) and vaginal thrush. 

Alternatively, you can visit your local pharmacy and be seen under the minor ailments scheme without an appointment and without speaking to a GP first.  Please click here for a list of ailments the pharmacy can provide over the counter and prescription medicines free of charge.  

Minor Surgery

Many small surgical procedures can be carried out at the practice. These can include removal of lumps, cysts & smaller lesions and toenail surgery. Minor surgical procedures are carried out in our well-equipped treatment rooms here at the practice. Equipment includes a modern autoclave to ensure sterility of equipment used for minor surgery procedures.

If you require a minor surgery procedure, please speak to a doctor at the practice.

Phlebotomy Services

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Sexual Health Clinic

The clinic is aimed for patients who have a sexual health problem or any other genito-urinary symptoms, as well as patients requesting STI screening tests. It is a confidential clinic and is run by Dr Bevan and Dr Jenkinson. You can self-refer for this clinic. Please ask at reception for an appointment.

Smear Clinic

Cervical smear screening aims to detect pre-cancerous changes that can be easily dealt with before they progress to cervical cancer later on. It is currently recommended that all women aged 20-50 years attend for a cervical smear every 3 years and all women aged 50-65 years attend for a cervical smear every 5 years.

The service and recall is co-ordinated by the Cervical Screening Wales (CSW) Service, who can be contacted on 01792 940940.

If you have any anxieties about attending for your routine smear, please do not hesitate to discuss this with us here at the surgery.  Alternatively, please click here for an easy read version of "About your Smear Test"

If you are aged between 50-64, please click here for information on "Cervical Screening for Older Women".