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A belated Happy New Year to all!

There has been a bit of a hiatus in posting any news & views, but we’re up and running again and hoping for updates throughout the year.

I thought we’d re-start this a big topic, especially in January, and especially after coming up to 2 years now of one of the most strange times in living memory for most of us.

Anxiety & Low Mood

anxiety low mood

We all know that for many reasons: some common to many; others as individual as our very DNA, that most of us have struggled over this time.

So what can we do about it?

Well, there are many different things that will lead to both anxiety and low mood, therefore the path to controlling these also has many different routes.

Normalising what is a ‘normal’ mood and the variations within it can be a useful start, we all have ups, downs and plateaus – life is rarely constant for long and it is normal for all of us to feel a variety of emotions. Recognising these and then knowing how to manage and accept these can help us forge a path through difficulties.

Set Goals - use the SMART logic


Set goals – use the SMART logic

This can be as simple as setting a task to: walk the dog; around the block; tomorrow. Once it is done take the time to reflect upon this and congratulate yourself for completing whatever SMART goal you have set, and move on to the next, and the next. 



By this I don’t mean everyone needs to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, being active – getting outside and going for a walk is a great start. Reflect and remember what you used to do for fun, where your ‘happy place’ is – personally this is sitting out back on my surfboard waiting for waves to come – allow yourself the time to pursue these hobbies – they are important to you, therefore important to do.

If you are inactive at present, then start slow and build up – the Couch to 5k is a great app and will get you started comfortably and sustainably. ( In fact my own exercise levels have dropped, I’m going to start this now and keep you informed of my progress, why not join me?



For some it will be talking to friends or relatives, opening up about how you are feeling and thinking about what support is needed.

anxiety drop in

One great new initiative, for an 8 week period starting on Friday 4th February in The Potting Shed within Founders & Co, 24 Wind St, SA1 1DY – there will be FREE drop in anxiety management sessions run by counsellors from Swansea Council.


develop online app

There are many app and online based services that can help you.

One that we have access to via NHS Wales is Silvercloud (

an online platform that you can do different modules on – including sleep, low mood, and specific anxieties – such as social anxiety and health anxiety. 

Other good resources include:        

Swansea Mind (

SAM – self anxiety management (

Living Life To the Full (



If you feel that you are struggling then please use Ask My GP, Monday to Friday from 8am -10am, to place a request for us to consult with you regarding this.