Blood Tests

Blood Tests

Blood tests, sometimes referred to as phlebotomy, have a wide range of uses and are one of the most common types of medical tests.

A blood test (click here) can be used to assess your general state of health, check if you have an infection, see how well certain organs such as the liver and kidneys are working and screen for certain genetic conditions.

You must have a blood form to book your appointment for a blood test.

If you can’t book online you can telephone 01792 601807, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 4pm.
  • There will be a fixed number of appointments available for booked blood tests at each hospital site daily.
  • Please attend your blood test appointments alone. Only children or those who are vulnerable may be accompanied into our hospitals due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please do not arrive in the department more than five minutes before your appointment.
  • Disabled access: For health and safety reasons we reserve the right to prioritise patients with mobility issues at our clinics. 

Click here to access the new up-to-date information on how to book a blood test in English.

Click here to access the new up-to-date information on  how to book a blood test in Welsh.

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